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FIFA Mobile 2021: The Ultimate Soccer Game for Android Devices

FIFA Mobile APK 2021: Everything You Need to Know

If you are a soccer fan and you love playing soccer games on your mobile device, then you might have heard of FIFA Mobile APK. FIFA Mobile APK is the latest version of the popular FIFA Soccer game developed by Electronic Arts (EA). It is a free-to-play soccer game that lets you build your ultimate team of soccer stars and compete in various modes, including the FIFA World Cup 2022. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about FIFA Mobile APK, including its features, how to download and install it, and its pros and cons.

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What is FIFA Mobile APK?

FIFA Mobile APK is an Android game that is based on the official FIFA Soccer game by EA. It is a mobile version of the game that has been optimized for smaller screens and touch controls. It has over 15,000 authentic soccer players from over 600 teams, including Chelsea, Paris SG, Real Madrid, Liverpool, and Juventus. You can collect player items and put your favorite soccer stars to the test in various modes, such as Head-to-Head, VS Attack, and Manager Mode. You can also relive the world's greatest soccer tournament with the FIFA World Cup 2022 mode, where you can play with any of the 32 qualified nations in the official tournament brackets.

Features of FIFA Mobile APK

FIFA Mobile APK has many features that make it one of the best soccer games on mobile devices. Here are some of the main features of FIFA Mobile APK:

FIFA World Cup 2022 Mode

This is the only licensed FIFA World Cup 2022 mobile game where you can replay the official tournament brackets with any of the 32 qualified nations. You can also rewrite history and take control of 15 non-qualified national teams. You can enjoy authentic World Cup national team kits and badges, the official match ball, and play in World Cup stadiums (Al Bayt and Lusail). You can also experience localized World Cup commentary to bring the most immersive match atmosphere.

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Soccer ICONs and Heroes

You can build your ultimate team with over 100 soccer heroes and icons from different leagues and eras. You can score big with world soccer icons like Paolo Maldini, Ronaldinho, and more. You can also level up your soccer legends from fan-favorite to a UEFA Champions League contender.

Immersive Next-Level Soccer Simulation

You can experience new, upgraded soccer stadiums including several classic FIFA venues up to 60 fps*. You can also enjoy realistic stadium SFX and live on-field audio commentary. You can feel the thrill of scoring goals with some of the world's best players as you level up a team of soccer superstars.

Manager Mode

You can be the soccer manager of your own dream team. You can plan your strategy and adjust your tactics in real time or choose auto-play to enjoy an idle soccer manager game experience. You can also compete against other managers in pvp modes and climb the leaderboards.

How to Download and Install FIFA Mobile APK

If you want to download and install FIFA Mobile APK on your Android device, you need to follow these steps:

Requirements for FIFA Mobile APK

  • Your Android device must have at least Android 6.0 or higher.

  • Your Android device must have at least 1 GB of RAM and 180 MB of free storage space.

  • You need to have a stable internet connection to play the game.

  • You need to enable unknown sources on your Android device settings to install the APK file.

Steps to Download and Install FIFA Mobile APK

  • Download the FIFA Mobile APK file from a trusted source. You can use this link to download the latest version of the game: [FIFA Mobile APK Download].

  • Locate the downloaded APK file on your device and tap on it to start the installation process.

  • Follow the on-screen instructions and accept the permissions required by the game.

  • Wait for the installation to complete and launch the game from your app drawer or home screen.

  • Enjoy playing FIFA Mobile APK on your Android device.

Pros and Cons of FIFA Mobile APK

FIFA Mobile APK has many advantages and disadvantages that you should consider before playing the game. Here are some of the pros and cons of FIFA Mobile APK:

Pros of FIFA Mobile APK

  • It is free to play and does not require any subscription or registration.

  • It has high-quality graphics and sound effects that create a realistic soccer experience.

  • It has a large variety of modes, players, teams, and tournaments to choose from.

  • It has frequent updates and events that keep the game fresh and exciting.

  • It has a friendly and active community of soccer fans and players.

Cons of FIFA Mobile APK

  • It requires a lot of internet data and battery power to run smoothly.

  • It has some bugs and glitches that may affect the gameplay and performance.

  • It has some in-app purchases and ads that may be annoying or expensive.

  • It may not be compatible with some older or low-end devices.

  • It may be challenging or frustrating for some players who are not familiar with soccer rules or strategies.


FIFA Mobile APK is a great soccer game for Android devices that lets you enjoy the thrill of soccer anytime, anywhere. It has many features that make it fun and engaging, such as the FIFA World Cup 2022 mode, soccer icons and heroes, immersive next-level soccer simulation, and manager mode. It also has some drawbacks, such as high internet and battery consumption, bugs and glitches, in-app purchases and ads, compatibility issues, and difficulty level. However, if you are a soccer fan and you want to play a free-to-play soccer game with high-quality graphics and sound effects, then you should give FIFA Mobile APK a try. You can download it from this link: [FIFA Mobile APK Download].


Here are some frequently asked questions about FIFA Mobile APK:

Q: Is FIFA Mobile APK safe to download and install?

A: Yes, FIFA Mobile APK is safe to download and install as long as you use a trusted source like the one we provided. However, you should always be careful when downloading any APK file from unknown sources as they may contain viruses or malware that can harm your device or steal your personal information.

Q: How can I update FIFA Mobile APK?

A: You can update FIFA Mobile APK by downloading the latest version of the game from the same source you used before. You can also check for updates within the game settings or on the official website of EA. However, you should always backup your game data before updating to avoid losing your progress or settings.

Q: How can I play FIFA Mobile APK offline?

A: Unfortunately, you cannot play FIFA Mobile APK offline as it requires an internet connection to access all the features and modes of the game. However, you can reduce your internet data usage by playing on a Wi-Fi network or using a data saver mode on your device settings.

Q: How can I contact EA support for FIFA Mobile APK?

A: You can contact EA support for FIFA Mobile APK by visiting their official website: [EA Help]. You can also use their social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube to get in touch with them. You can also check their online forums or FAQs for more information or solutions to common issues.

Q: How can I get more coins and gems in FIFA Mobile APK?

A: You can get more coins and gems in FIFA Mobile APK by playing more matches, completing more objectives, participating in more events, opening more packs, watching more


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