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Finding Mr. Destiny - Destiny Midnight (Im Su Jung) [PORTABLE]

When clouds rise in the sky, it is a sign that it will rain. There is nothing to do but to wait until after the rain falls. It is the same in life when destiny is at work. We should not worry and seek to shapethe future by interfering in things before the time is ripe. We shouldquietly fortify the body with food and drink and the mind with gladnessand good cheer. Fate comes when it will, and thus we are ready.

Finding Mr. Destiny - Destiny Midnight (Im Su Jung)

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This refers to a man, an exalted sage, who has already put the turmoil of the world behind him. But a follower appears who understands him and is not to be put off. So the sage comes back into the world and aids the other in his work. Thus there develops an eternal tie between the two. The allegory is chosen from the annals of the Chou dynasty. The rulersof this dynasty honored men who had served them well by awarding them aplace in the royal family's temple of ancestors on the Western Mountain.In this way they were regarded as sharing in the destiny of the ruling family. 041b061a72


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