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Engine Light Check For Free

I was driving home from work the this past week, and as I was topping a hill on the freeway the dashboard lit up with some ominous error messages about my engine. Next, the check engine light came on.

engine light check for free

They reset the codes and the check engine light went out. They advised me to keep an eye on things over the next few days and weeks, and if it came on again to bring it back in. They can recheck it then and see if there were any other unrelated issues causing the light to come on.

UPDATE: My check engine light came on again today. After getting it checked at the auto parts store again, it turns out there was a throttle control sensor that was having problems. I took my trouble code into my trusted local mechanic, and he was able to confirm the issue and fix the problem for $150.

Have you used your own scanner to diagnose a check engine light and find OBD-II PID codes, to try and diagnose your own issues and save some money? Are there times that you would rather just bring it in and pay?

This article is great! I also had a similar experience with my check engine light and also am on a tight budget as a full time student. While trying to find a parts store near me that offers free services, I came across a site that shows the nearest auto parts locations to you (based on GPS) that offer free check engine light diagnostics. Check it out today:

As an employee of Advance Auto Parts I just want to inform folks that the company is going to stop reading engine codes and referring those who come in for that once free service to one of our commercial customers, in other words a garage. This has already started and will pretty much be a done deal by the end of June 2016. A few, and I mean a VERY few of these shops have said they would do the code reads for a nominal fee. Many of the shops want NO PART of it. Advance and other stores like them were started mainly for the DIY, er but some local shops are complaining that they are losing business by us offering this free service. I think the decision to stop providing this service is going to backfire on the company in a few ways. 1st, they are going to lose potential customers and sales from folks who WOULD have tried to fix the problem themselves. 2nd many customers come in for these code checks on weekends, evenings etc when local garages are not open. 3rd we are going to start pissing off our commercial customers who will have folks pulling their mechanics away from jobs they are already working on to do a free code read. They customer will either take that code and go home and google it and come back to Advance or another DIY store and buy the part or stay at the shop. The shop will then call one of these stores and order the part ( like a gas cap ) and the customer, who was just sent to the shop,since we now will not read their code ,will watch as one of our delivery vehicles pulls up and brings the part they would have bought from us to that shop and marks up the price. For larger more complicated issues I understand the reasoning for going to a professional but like I stated earlier Places like Advance, Auto Zone etc were started for folks who wanted to avoid paying a garage for something they may be able to fix themselves . I guess now that Advance has bought up most of their competition they feel there is more money to be made selling to the commercial shop than the DIY customer. I think this will blow up in their faces and will lose more business than they realize. I for one expect to see many pissed off customers and I will refer them to our corporate office.

I was shocked when a friend of mine went to Advance Auto Parts and was turned away after asking to have her engine light read. Instead, they should let the customer use the scanner themselves. After all, the store is for Do It Yourself (DIY) users. I agree, this will backfire into the face of corporation. I used to work for Advance.

Thanks Peter, When you see CEL (check engline light) is on , before to go to dealer or mechanic we should do somethings because some errors are easy to fix like air condition related (u-codes) or chasis related (c-codes) or sparg plug problems (p-code). But some how we need to go repair shop. i tried to list all obd codes on my business website for free with descriptions.

When the main computer detects a problem, a light on the dashboard turns on. In some vehicles, a red light indicates issues that need immediate attention. In others, if the check engine light is flashing, the problem could also lead to serious damage. Your certified NAPA AUTOPRO technician will use a scan tool to get the diagnostic trouble code(s) of a defective part or component.

Every driver has experienced that stressful moment when the check engine light comes on. In many cases, it means that something serious is wrong and that you should take your vehicle to your NAPA AUTOPRO centre right away so that a certified technician can identify and fix the problem.

Head Over to Autozone!You can now get a FREE Autozone check engine light service. A visit to your local Autozone will leave you wondering why you never thought to stop by before.Yes, totally free. Grab your kids, lock them in their seats, and get on over there.

So, the next time you notice our check engine light come on, just call or drop by for our check engine light service and we will be happy to help you. In addition to this service, we provide all type of basic automotive repair in Memphis, and we have been doing so since 1972.

The only surefire way to find out what is causing the light to come on is to bring it in for a check engine light diagnosis. A trusted local Louisville mechanic such as AAMCO Louisville will read your check engine light codes and get to the bottom of the problem.

A faulty oxygen sensor can eventually lead to your engine losing power and can mess up your emissions. A proper engine light diagnosis will address which oxygen sensor needs replacing and ensure that you properly address the right sensor. Be sure to make an appointment with AAMCO Louisville mechanics to assess and address any fault oxygen sensors present in your car.

If your check engine light comes on and you feel your car jolting during acceleration, this can be a sign of worn out spark plugs. Spark plugs work with the ignition to supply power to your engine. A faulty spark plug can affect the entire combustion process for your engine. It is easy and inexpensive to replace spark plugs.

The only surefire way to find out what is causing the light to come on is to bring it in for a check engine light diagnosis. A trusted local Louisville mechanic such as AAMCO Louisville will read your check engine light codes and get to the bottom of the problem. Schedule a FREE AAMCO Louisville Check Engine Light Code ReadingSchedule an appointment today at your nearest AAMCO learn more about your check engine light. We will help you assess your check engine light codes for free and fix up your vehicle in no time.

If your ECU (engine control unit) detects any faults or sees any discrepancies, the check engine light will be illuminated. In harsher scenarios, the check engine light may flash, indicating that the car needs to be serviced immediately in order to prevent internal damage.

A flashing Check Engine light may indicate engine problems that are potentially more serious and could cause severe engine damage if the engine continues to run. This could include misfires, knocking, or severely rich or lean idle conditions. In most cases, it is advisable to refrain from driving the vehicle if the Check Engine light is flashing until you know the severity of the damage that is causing the code. Failure to do so may cause the engine to suffer damage or complete failure.

Oxygen sensors are used to make sure your vehicle is burning the correct amount of fuel and running at peak performance. And, it also works with the catalytic convertor to keep emissions in check. Over time, the O2 sensor can get covered in oil ash, which reduces its ability to monitor the fuel and oxygen mix in the engine. It costs around $200 to fix.

Get a free engine light check at AutoZone with the free AutoZone Fix Finder Service. AutoZone has more than 5,700 locations in the United States, and all of them offer the Free Fix Finder Service during business hours.

There are 6,000 Napa Auto Parts stores. And the store offers free engine light checks at some locations. Make sure you call ahead to see if this service is offered at your local Napa Auto Parts store.

A blinking light usually indicates a severe engine misfire allowing unburned fuel to be dumped into the exhaust system. There it can quickly raise the temperature of the catalytic converter to a point where damage is likely, requiring an expensive repair.

Visual inspection, retrieval and reporting on trouble codes are free of charge. Additional diagnostic may be recommended and charges apply. May not apply to vehicles 1995 and older. The coupon is valid at participating centers only. Coupon must be presented at time of vehicle check-in. There is a limit of one coupon per vehicle, and the coupon may not be combined with other offers, discounts, or special fleet pricing. The coupon is valid on most vehicles, but certain exclusions apply. Void where prohibited or if altered.

While some codes pinpoint the root cause of the issue, many do not. A check engine light diagnostic from Kwik Kar Marsh is a comprehensive step by step testing procedure that must be done in order to pinpoint the root cause of many diagnostic trouble codes. There are more than 3,000 generic fault codes in addition to manufacturer specific codes. Not all of them point to a clear solution.

If the check engine light is illuminated on your dashboard then you will not pass the emissions test. That should be resolved before even taking the vehicle to the testing center. (Also, the light does not have to be on to fail a test).

The next time your check engine light comes on, remember that it may be just a minor problem or even a preventative maintenance reminder for an oil change, but you should always play it safe and have it looked at by a trusted professional. To eliminate the possibility of a more significant issue and prevent any adverse effect on other vehicle systems, we suggest you stop by your neighborhood Rancho Cordova, Sacramento area, or Folsom Jiffy Lube for FREE check engine light service. 350c69d7ab


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