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Metroid Scaricare Film

Salamander County Public Television (Penguin Pop, 12th Jan, $7.99) - Congrats on becoming the newest hire of Salamander County's public TV station (SCPTV)! . . . Unfortunately, everyone in the county suddenly disappeared, except for you, your boss, and another employee. But the show must go on, so with your new job title of Professional Thing-Doer, it's up to you to do all of the activities that need to be filmed for the TV station. (You should probably try and figure out why everyone disappeared in the first place, too.)

Metroid scaricare film

The sequel to the original hit Call of Duty: Modern Warfare fan film, Find Makarov, debuted at Activision's Call of Duty XP event this weekend, and now you can watch it online. You can head over to Kotaku to watch the higher quality version of the short film in all its glory. Or you can watch the footage below to watch video of the flick as it was premiering at CoD XP.


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