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Download Vector Ink: Illustrator, Shape Builder...

Although it should be simple to create art with vector graphic design software, this is often not the case. You may find yourself spending hours trying to create the perfect design or using shortcuts in order to achieve the look of perfection. Those days are gone. Vector Ink has a clever Path Builder Tool, which will combine and create the shape that you desire in the exact way that you need it. It requires very little design work.

Download Vector Ink: Illustrator, Shape Builder...

Paint with real scalable vector brushes. The vector brush shape and content remain editable. Create vector brushes from artwork, and dynamically link brush content to editable artwork. Import AI brush collections.

Apply non-destructive shape effects to vector objects, groups and point text. Edit the shape effect parameters interactively, or set them in the Shape Effect panel. Create envelope, mesh, elastic warp and other distortions, or dynamically offset the shape of objects.

The displacement effect uses an image to displace vectors of a group of objects. The displacement image can any image imported into the document, or any group of objects. The vector shapes are displaced according to the intensities of the image.

Add live image effects to vector objects and groups. Select from over 100 image effects, each with multiple options. Image effects are non-destructive, and can be changed or removed at any time. Adjust image effect parameters interactively on canvas, for better visual control. Image effects can be created and edited using the Image Effects panel. All image effects are live, with the vector objects and shapes remaining editable. Combine multiple image effects to create custom filters compositions. Import and use SVG filter compositions directly from the Image Effects panel.

Create and edit real vector brushes. The content of a vector brush is a set of editable vector objects, that are stretched along the shape by various brush types. All Adobe Illustrator brush types can be imported and fully used in VectorStyler. Vector brushes can be of 4 types: Artistic, Pattern, Scatter or Bristle brushes. In Artistic brushes, a group of vector objects is stretched along the shape, where the stretching is controlled by the brush options. Vector brushes can be combined with calligraphic pen options and variable width profiles to control the brush width.

Create and use bristle brush styles along any shape, using true vector rendering. Bristle brushes simulate the brush paint of real brushes using vector shapes. Bristle brushes can be combined with variable width profiles and calligraphic pen options.

We have organized this tutorial in very simple steps to help you get started with creating vector-based characters in Adobe Illustrator. Most of all, you will learn to use basic shapes, gradients and other fundamental tools, with which you can basically create everything (probably a whole army of robots?).Though, if you rather keep this project for your own use, you are welcome to have a look at our wide range of robot cartoon characters at GraphicMama. Sure, you will find professionally executed and engaging vector characters to wow your audience.

Another thing we are missing to make our vector robot character even more believable, is some reflection light on his screen. Just select with A the blue shape of the screen, Ctrl-C, Ctrl-F, Shift-Ctrl-] (to copy and send it to front). Make it white and lower the opacity to 50%. After that, make several rectangles on top, rotate them to the right and cut them, using the Shape Builder tool (Shift-M).

Finally, we will add one more subtle detail, creating an illusion of volume. Copy the main head shape on top, add gradient of light and darker gray, lower the opacity. The light source in this vector robot design is from the top right, so hit G and drag in different directions until you have the light part in top, left corner:

After tracing, clean up the vector shapes, using Path > Simplify (Ctrl+L) and deleting nodes by hand when possible. The goal is to use as few Bezier curves as reasonably possible to represent the image.Often the tracing function will produce very little objekts which are impossible to embroider. Therefore it is advisable to cleanup your document with Extensions > Ink/Stitch > Troubleshoot > Cleanup document....

Inkscape is a free open-source software for creating vector graphics. It has drawing tools and shape tools that are great for making icons and illustrations. Honestly, pretty similar to what Adobe Illustrator can do.

Vector Ink: SVG, Illustrator ( is a premium app on Android, download the latest version of Vector Ink: SVG, Illustrator Hack Mod (Unlocked) 2022 for Android. This premium app can be played for free and does not require root.

Vector Ink: SVG, Illustrator MOD APK (Unlocked) APK + OBB 2022 can be downloaded and installed on your android device with android version 4.1 or higher. Download this premium app using your favorite browser and click install to install the premium app. Downloading ( APK + DATA of Vector Ink: SVG, Illustrator (Unlocked) from is easier and faster.

Hi adobe guys, I was wondering if you can help me, I am looking to add this texture / effect to any type of vectors and fonts, it has a sort of Vintage/ Ink bleed / grunge / ink stamp bleed sort of effect to any vector on photoshop / illustrator, I just don't know how to get it looking like this (please find images of font below), I would like to use this effect on a project I am working on, any advice would be gratefully appreciated and how to get any sort of vector file looking like the following below.

Vector Magic analyzes your image and automatically detects appropriate settings to vectorize it with, and then goes ahead and traces out the underlying shapes in full color. This makes getting started a real breeze: just upload your image and presto, a result to review!

Vector images consist of shapes like circles, rectangles, lines and curves, while bitmap images, also known as raster images, consist of a grid of pixels. Vectorization or tracing is the process of taking a bitmap image and re-drawing it as a vector image.

The shapes in vector images allow computers to do things that cannot be done with bitmap images, like scale them to any size without loss of quality and using them to e.g. cut, sew, paint, and laser engrave.

Photos can be vectorized to great artistic effect, and this tutorial shows you some examples. You can get a stylized piece of art that can be used e.g. as a background or component in a larger composition. You can also extract individual shapes from specific real-world objects, which can be a great addition to your asset repository.

Vector drawings solve this problem but unfortunately, add much more complexity. Vector images, like AI or EPS formats, are the world standard in the printing industry. These pictures are made more like computer programs than photographs. In vector drawing applications, you make many paths (lines or shapes) that make up your image. It takes a bit more practice. Some vector apps make the process super simple, but the professional programs with all the bells and whistles take a bit of getting used to. 041b061a72


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