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Download the Latest Windows RT Jailbreak Tool: RunExploit.bat

Jailbreaking was once a bit more complicated, requiring you to run a special hack every time you booted your device. There's now a dedicated RT Jailbreak Tool that can automatically run at startup, jailbreaking your Windows RT device every time it boots. To jailbreak your Windows RT device, just follow the instructions in the thread -- download the .zip file, extract it, and double-click the runExploit.bat file.

download jailbreak tool for windows rt

Download apk:

After jailbreaking, you can immediately run apps that have been specifically tweaked and compiled for Windows RT's ARM architecture. As many popular tools are open-source, this means that you can run some popular desktop programs, including BitTorrent clients, text editors, VNC programs, older games, and other tools. Consult the Desktop apps ported to Windows RT thread on the XDA developers forum for a maintained list of desktop programs you can run. You'll find common tools like 7-Zip, Notepad++, PuTTY, TightVNC, Keepass, Miranda IM, and Audacity in addition to game engines and emulators that can run old SNES and DOS games.

This is XDA Developers, and we like our devices a certain way. We like them unlocked, rooted, and free to do with as we please. However, very few devices are ever released in this condition. Thus, our large community of dedicated developers figure out a way to do it. After all, it's happened again and again and again. When Windows RT came out, it wasn't 100% open either. There were security features in place that prevented users from installing unsigned .exe files. This, of course, means that users can't install much outside of the Microsoft App Store. Now, there's a jailbreak tool to get around it.

Using the tool is pretty simple. It comes in a zip file that must be extracted first. Once extracted, users run the .bat file included to make a menu open. There are a few options: Users can install the jailbreak just one time, have the script apply the jailbreak on every login, or uninstall the tool. You may notice it says that it can install it just once. One caveat---or possibly one advantage---to this exploit is that it is goes away upon a reboot. In other words, it's quite easy to remove if you wish to go back for any reason.

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There are some other fun facts that come with this tool. It won't let you run apps like Photoshop, AutoCAD, etc. You can still only install RT applications. Installing a jailbreak doesn't make traditional x86-64 applications suddenly compatible with ARM. However, apps that are open source and can be compiled for ARM processors will work. An example would be the growing list of ARM-compatible apps being ported from desktop apps being worked on already. In addition, there are also links to help people with things like lib problems and compiling their own apps from source.

We all know Microsoft Windows RT has a restriction in place which prevents tablets and smartphones from installing any third party application (i.e. Win32 app and Non Microsoft ARM compiled app) except Windows store apps only. This was done to ensure that only Microsoft certified ARM apps will be available for download and installation on devices which meet the certain criteria stated by Microsoft, one of the criteria is to conserve battery power (also learn how to enable flash on any site in IE app on Windows RT). Also this restriction saves device from malicious ARM compiled apps freely available on the net. This restriction is good for normal users who don't want to play around with their devices but for advanced users or geeks it is a hurdle if they want something out of box from their devices.In order to install any third party application on Windows RT running tablet and smartphone, you need to jailbreak them first. Luckily a xda forum user, netham45, has posted all-in-one utility, created by clrokr, to jailbreak Window RT tablets including Microsoft surface and smartphones. Download the Easy Jailbreak Tool from here. Extract the zip folder to your system, rename it as you like and transfer it to your tablet or smartphone. Now browse the folder and open the "runExloit" batch file on your device.Easy Jailbreak Tool will prompt you to get a developer license for Windows RT, click on "I Agree" button and sign in with your Microsoft email ID to get a developer license.After few moments, a small Window will pop up confirming the successful transfer of developer license to the system. You need to press Y followed by enter key, when asked "Are you sure you wish to continue" in Windows PowerShell console.Also Read: What to expect from Windows 10 on your smartphoneOn the next screen press the volume down button when prompted on the screen.That's it. Your device has been jail broken successfully. To confirm this, navigate to the Start Screen and you should see a tile named "Get Kernel Base" there.FAQ on Windows RT JailbreakWhy do I need to jailbreak Windows RT on my device? It makes your device to run non Microsoft ARM compiled apps (ARM compiled apps freely available on the net) and Win32 apps though re-compilation is required for most apps before running itDoes this Easy Jailbreak Tool work on all devices? Almost, this tool should work with almost all smartphone and tablets. As of now this tool is in elementary stage so it's quite possible that it may not work on some devices. Also as per developer note, this tool doesn't work on Vivo 3G tab but developer is working on it make it compatible.Will the tool work upon reboots? No, you have to re-run the runExloit batch file and complete the above said procedure upon each reboot.Are pre compiled apps available on the net? Yes, you can check the available apps hereWill my device be safe after jailbreak? It depends upon which app you are installing, if a malicious app gets into your jail broken device then it could ruin your device.Will this void my warranty? As you have to re-run this tool upon each reboot so there are less chances that support center will ever come to know this. Though, jail breaking is against the warranty terms of a device.I am getting Blue screen of death (BSOD) why so? Well, as per developer note its normal while execution of batch file. If you keep getting BSOD, reboot your device into desktop mode and wait for few minutes before executing batch file.Why tool is not working on my device though I did exactly what is mentioned above?You can post your problem here and wait for revert from the tool developer.

The Windows RT jailbreaking tool has been released on XDA Developers. The biggest downside is the jailbreak has to reset every time the device boots. Also, you'll need apps compiled for this jailbreak. VNC server/client, Putty, 7-Zip, and other desktop apps have already been ported to Windows RT, with more likely to be added now that this jailbreak is out.

There is a slight catch which is both good and bad; it clears on reset. However "it can be reapplied from the same device it's running on." Along with the jailbreaking tool downloads, Netham45 has a long question/answer list that includes:

Microsoft was quick to brush off the debugging hack that allows locked-down Windows RT Surface slabs to run any unauthorised desktop software. But now the exploit has been packaged into a slick jailbreaking tool that can unlock a Redmond fondleslab in seconds.

How to jailbreak a windows rt device. Download jailbreak: (download the first file not the signtool) jailbreak works on this. Welcome to free jailbreak download and unlock download section. This page provides you most up to date jailbreak software free download links. You can check below index of all current jailbreak software and tools.

3uTools is a free software program that lets you manage your iOS device data on your PC computer or laptop. You will get access to a large amount of information on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch: apps, books, ringtones, etc. The data management tool features the option to jailbreak your iDevice with one click.

Like iOS and Android, Windows RT users can also download and install apps from outside the official Store by jailbreaking the operating system. Windows enthusiasts have recompiled or ported hundreds of free and open source Windows apps to Windows RT, and finding ported apps just got easier with the launch of the RT Desktop Store.

To install and use the apps available on the RT Desktop Store, you must first jailbreak your Windows 8 / 8.1 RT device using the Windows RT 8 tool. According to Facin, the developer behind the RT Desktop Store, the current version of the program includes little more of 50 apps, including popular programs like 7-Zip, Classic Start Menu, FileZilla, Free Download Manager, Notepad ++, Rainmeter, Sumatra PDF, and Synergy.

If you have a Windows RT device and don't mind jailbreaking the device to install desktop apps on your tablet, you can go to the download page to download the RT Desktop Store and read more about the program.


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