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Big Fat Liar (2002)

Jason Shepherd is a 14-year-old compulsive liar. He tries to get out of his creative writing essay by making up a lie but gets caught by his English teacher Phyllis Caldwell, who alerts his parents. He is given three hours to submit his essay, otherwise, he will fail English and go to summer school. Jason writes a story titled 'Big Fat Liar', based on the lies he has told throughout his life. On his way to turn it in, he is struck by the limousine of Hollywood producer Marty Wolf, who gives him a ride. Along the way, Wolf reveals that he also tells lies and that, "The truth is overrated." In a rush, Jason accidentally leaves his essay in the limo. Wolf is inspired by the story when he reads it and decides to keep it for himself. Jason realizes his essay is missing and explains what happened, but his parents and Caldwell do not believe him, and he is sent to summer school to repeat English.

Big Fat Liar (2002)

Jason is a compulsive liar only interested in clearing the air so his father will believe him again even though his father is right not to trust him. Despite that, Jason is the hero of the story because just how evil and vicious Wolf is portrayed.

Staff *** A Hollywood producer steals the English essay of eighth-grader and inveterate liar Jason Shepherd (Muniz) and turns it into a movie. Naturally, his parents and teacher don't believe him. To regain their trust, he and his girlfriend head to Tinseltown to extort a confession. The resulting romp through the Universal Studios lot will amuse older children and their parents. By M.K. Terrell

Sterritt *** Fans of the 1953 animated classic "Peter Pan" will find familiar faces in this sequel, which follows Wendy's daughter on an adventure with Captain Hook, magical Tinkerbell, the Lost Boys, and Peter himself. The story lacks the freshness of the original film. But kids will enjoy its action and humor. And in the age of "Monsters, Inc." it's refreshing to see a cartoon that looks like one rather than a conglomeration of computer-generated bits and bytes. 041b061a72


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