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[S3E12] Camouflaged Maneuvers

Forager took part in a training session on the beach with the rest of Nightwing's team. He started sparring with Dick, who was surprised with Forager's willingness to fight dirty. The group ate and told stories around a campfire, then the new heroes chose their codenames. With no civilian identity to protect, Forager went by Forager. They then practiced team maneuvers. The older heroes then congratulated them on a good day's training, but everyone was taken aback when Halo manifested a new power.[10]

[S3E12] Camouflaged Maneuvers

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Nightwing sent a bug into the facility. After IDing the venue's security, it became clear that not only were the metas being auctioned, they were participating in a fight club. Forager stayed on the Bio-Ship, in limousine form, while a squad went in undercover to buy Tara. After Tara was safely retrieved, the team went back in to rescue the other metas. Forager, whose new exo-shell was still not at full strength, was left in the camouflaged Bio-Ship to provide back-up. When cutting the facility's generators did not provide adequate distraction, Forager had the Bio-Ship open fire. He then provided support fire for Superboy as he fought Mammoth. Eventually, the team and the liberated metas boarded the Bio-Ship and they left.[15]

Forager stayed aboard the camouflaged Bio-Ship to provide back-up as the rest of the squad infiltrated the facility. After they found no illegal activity was taking place, they spotted a group of supposed convicts about to attack. The Team forced them into retreat without Forager's help, but after they regrouped and attacked again, Forager and the Bio-Ship provided cover fire to allow the Team to take back the initiative and defeat them again.[17]

As all the road signs have been removed from the area the platoon are ordered to put up temporary ones to help a large convoy on maneuvers that is due to drive through the area but due to the condition of the ground the platoon's van gets stuck in the mud

Captain Mainwaring gives a lecture on field craft in the vicar's garden, covering what to eat and how to erect a tent. Later, apart from having to put with the vicar, verger, Hodges and a gang of boy scouts, their field maneuvers are also interupted by three German fliers who have been shot down and are trapped in their dinghy in the middle of the lake... ""Handi hoch! Handi hoch!"" 041b061a72


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