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Where Do I Buy Chalk Paint

I like the convenience of being able to grab a can locally, but the Home Depot also offers shipping and in-store pickup. Note that Rust-Oleum also sells tint-able bases for their Chalked paint that you can find at Ace hardware (more on that later!) as well as a Chalked spray paint line.

where do i buy chalk paint

Amazon also sells Country Chic Chalk Paint, Shabby Chic Chalk Based Furniture Paint, Jolie Paint, and more. These paints tend to be a bit higher-priced than my go-tos, but if you are looking for a specific color or just want to try something new, they are worth checking out!

I noticed on the Walmart website that the Rust-Oleum Chalked paints seemed to be priced a bit lower (up to a $5 difference) from other retailers I usually buy from. Worth checking out for sure! Each color is a slightly different price, so that will make a difference too.

Agreed! Totally unbiased opinions were offered, I give this post extra kudo points for the fact she has been ride or die for 6 years with Annie Sloan paint (which is a beautiful paint line) but was willing to give another (beautiful) paint line a try, despite her connection with AS and went with truthful & factual pros and cons to the two. An open mind to new products is always a good trait, especially this day n age every day a new something or another is released. anyways thts all! Great post!! I actually just used the chalked paint and was impressed and very satisfied with the turn out and stumbled here when looking for other successors of the Rustolem paint!

You can take any paint colour to Home Hardware, that sells Rustoleum, & they can make it in Chalk paint, Or pick a colour off their paint palate, we make hundreds of colours.No other company that sells chalk paint has that ability.

Love this post! I started with Rust-oleum when I first tried chalk paint and really liked it (especially the low cost!) The one other thing I have noticed when I compared painting with Annie Sloan or Rust-Oleum is that Rust-Oleum seems to leave slightly more distinct brush marks. I often will end up adding a little bit of water to the paint (especially on a second coat) to alleviate brush strokes or caking. I also really like the Rust-oleum matte finish product made for their chalked paint because you can just brush it on! Sooo much quicker and easier than wax (and you can just use a regular paintbrush).

I agree with everything you said in this post. I recently started using the Rustoleum brand and was also surprised at how much I liked it. My mom painted her kitchen table with it and it turned out great. She has received many compliments on the table. Thanks for the great post!

Julie can you give me more details on the proportions on how to make your own chalk paint, including the brands you used? My husband and I hired a painter to paint our cabinets white that were originally stained. Within a month most of the cabinets have chipped, peeling, and basically look awful! Now due to cost we are going to redo them ourselves. Would we need to first clean and sand before applying the chalk paint? Thank you

Completely agree with your review! Chalk paint is so forgiving and fun to experience the with. The only thing I have to add is that if you purchase the Rustoleum Chalk Paint at your local hardware store they can tint it to any color. I did this to match a prior used latex paint and it was perfect! Gotta love painting projects! The tables turned out great!

When we were looking for paint for our dining table, I saw Annie Sloan used everywhere. Like you, on a trip to Home Depot we came across the Rustoleum chalk paint. We liked the price so we decided to give it a try and we were happy with the results. We even got the rustoleum chalk matte top coat as well. I will definitely be sticking with rustoleum for future projects.

Hi, I too love the chalk paint painting technique, but here goes, I did buy the Rust-Oleum but I am so afraid to make that first brush stroke!!!!! I want to paint/distress a curio cabinet I have. I know in my heart it will look fantastic but ughhh to make that first stroke with the brush!!! I can do it, I know I can, I think. LOLOLOL I will keep you posted after this coming weekend when I plan to just go ahead and do it!!!

Thank you so much for this post! It is super helpful. I have used Valspar chalk paint several times, love the wide availability of colors they can mix it to at Lowes. But it is thick and I felt somewhat hard to use. I was considering using Annie Sloan for my next project, but it sounds very similar to the Valspar. I was a doubter with the Rustoleum brand due to the low price, what a pleasant surprise though, I will definitely give it a try now!

Hi, I am also using Rust oleum, get an amazing finish, but when use the wax it seems to take paint of (although better when applied with cloth) very annoying on the occasion when I want a smooth finish, and not distressed any advice?

Hi, I am also using Rust oleum, get an amazing finish, but when use the wax it seems to take paint of (although better when applied with cloth) very annoying on the occasion when I want a smooth finish, did you get any advice?

Good morning! This comparison came at the perfect time! I am about to start painting a huge armoire. My question is, do I need to sand the entire piece between coats and before waxing for a smoother finish? Or only sand the areas of distressing?

I just got an old desk and chair and want to paint it. I have been reading about AS paint versus rustoleum chalk paint. This is my first project so I am alittle scared. I am going to paint it a gray color. What are your suggestions? I like the price of the rustoleum but want to desk to turn out. Do I need to use a wax on the finished project? Thanks for your help.

I just finished my first item with chalk paint. I used Annie Sloan on a China cabinet. The shop I buy from is really great on advice and she told me to thin the paint with water and it glides on perfectly. Drys with no brush strokes on second coat. She sells a Polyvine was finish varnish for final finish. It comes in satin or matte. Has durability of varnish and silky feel of wax. Love it.

Thanks for doing this comparison. I purchased Rustoleum for a dresser to tv stand redo. Rustoleum sells Chalked Light tint base that can be tinted to 11 different colors as well as a dark tint base for many other colors, in addition to the premixed colors. Loves this paint and was curious about the Annie Sloan stuff. The clear wax on top of the Rustoleum was nice to protect this piece.

Love the rust-oleum paint just recently finished painting a bed and a dresser was very happy with the results . Just wandering whether you have used the rust-oleum clear coat instead of the wax? I have waxed the dresser but was wondering whether to try the clear coat on my bed . What are your thoughts ??

i also tried waxing with AS white wax over her old violet. i had seen a piece online in those colors, fallen in love with it and tried to duplicate it. it was awful. enter the rustoleum clear matte finish! i am going to use it on that very piece that i primed again with linen white and am now painting with AS french linen. it is gorgeous so far.

Thanks so much for the tip to add a little water to the chalk paint. It went on so much smoother and was easier to work with. I painted a project without adding the water and it was so challenging to work with due to it being so thick. I am glad I happened to find your website.

I painted my couch with AS and the result is very nice! My peach skin upholstery sofa looks now like a colorfull leather one! I didnt use the wax and the finish it it becomes lustrous by sitting on it.

I just found out that one of our local hardware stores that carries Rustoleum Chalk paint can actually mix several different colors. There were 2 cans of base tints, each having a color chart on the side. Any of those colors can be mixed! Looked like about 20 different colors! I am so excited to learn this!!

I have used both and for the most part, Rustoleum holds its own, despite it being about half the price. Where I did find a difference was when I tried transferring an image using mod podgy. The AS held up much better with little or no paint removal when I removed the paper backing, while I was not so lucky with the Rustoleum.

Thank you so much for your post it was very helpful. I am researching painting our 20 year old knotty pine cabinets. They have quite a bit of water/sun damage over the years. I will have to sand some areas to get them smooth and remove the chipping existing varathane sealer used. I want to do a distressed look and have been watching a TON of videos on different paints and techniques. This is what I have come up with and would love opinions of what might work or not work. 1) clean all cabinets and sand rough areas 2) apply 2-3 coats Rustoleum chalk paint in off white color. 3) distress by sanding edges. 4)seal with polycrylic sealer. 5) glaze with dark brown glaze to enhance edges. 6) Apply 1-2 coats sealer for finish coat. ** I do not want to use wax for accents of finish as I have read a few people have issues repainting years later.

Ques: I have 3 chests of drawers that I painted red about 15 years ago with whatever paint I had. Now I want to repaint them a different color using chalked paint Because of the previously used RED paint, will the old paint color bleed thru to the new color? If so, what do I do? New ques: After reading your blog I got enthused about painting my kitchen cabinets They are 35 years old and grimy What should I clean them with before painting them ?(really with no other prep???) Ready to get started, Sue

Hi, I am also using Rust oleum, get an amazing matt finish, (especially love the cocoa, which is a light tape colour! but when use the wax it seems to take paint of after even 2/3 coats (although better when applied with cloth) very annoying on the occasion when I want a smooth finish, and not distressed any advice? I live in France, so products are not the same, not sure what others sealer that could use the Minwax is crazy a crazy price, over $40 and matt $80 for a quart. Thanks 041b061a72


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