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Download 3d Games 128x160 Jar [PATCHED]

Android has a ton of single-player games. As good as single-player games are, multiplayer games give you a much better experience and overall enjoyment. Especially when you are playing with or against your friends. Here are some of the best Bluetooth multiplayer games for Android.

download 3d games 128x160 jar

Warlings is a turn-based shooting game that provides you with six different battlefields, multiple areas like the sea, air, space, etc., and fully destructible terrain. In the game, you can use guns and tactics to win over your enemy. If you like shooting games that also force you to use tactics then Warlings is for you.

Carrom 3D is your regular good old carroms game. Just like other games, you can either play with your friends via Bluetooth or with the computer. When playing with the computer, you can choose between three different levels called beginner, intermediate, or expert.


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