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Tiberian Sun True Power Mod Download ((LINK))

Hi Im thinking about downloading Your C & C Tiberian Sun True Power Beta and I have some Questions If you Have time To Answer them. I will be putting Your mod on a Windows XP computer. Would I need any Patches or other files to get this game to work? Since this is a Firestorm modd, did you keep the firepower of Nods artilleries the same from the Original Firestorm game or did you increase it Like on the Original Tiberian Sun? Do you have Missions for All Faction or is it Just for GDI, and am I able to Play a Skirmish battle with ALL the factions? I saw somewhere on another website where you had another forum and I saw alot of people bashing you about how the games details are crap or something like that but I want to tell you You did an Awsome Job on this Mod. Ive been a die hard fan of C & C for 20 years Keep Up the Good Work.

tiberian sun true power mod download


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