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The Dark Phoenix: Part 2 - Inner Circle Torrent

2. YTS dot amThis torrent site is the unofficial successor of the defunct YTS or YIFY group. They are smarter in the way they operate, as they typically rebrand third-party releases of popular movies. YTS is now more popular than ever, and sometimes considered a direct competitor of The Pirate Bay.

The Dark Phoenix: Part 2 - Inner Circle torrent

Harry gets too close to the duel, necessitating that Dumbledore again knock him to the floor with a hand gesture whilst attempting to maintain his spell, which breaks Dumbledore's concentration. This combined with Voldemort slashing through the water causes the sphere to collapse, allowing Voldemort to escape from his watery prison. Voldemort roars as he casts a large, continuous torrent of darkness at Harry and Dumbledore, only for Dumbledore to hold it back with an exceedingly powerful torrent of bluish white light (possibly Protego or Protego Horribilis). In a second attack, Voldemort pulls the black energy back towards him and gathers it into a ball of incandescent light, which he releases with a roar, sending a massive shockwave of black energy and bluish white light in all directions. The explosion knocks over Dumbledore and Harry and causes all the windows in the Atrium to shatter.[2]


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