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[S1E1] Help Me

Mother and son working together is a big first step toward mending their fragile, dysfunctional relationship, and they may even come away with a better understanding of each other at this pivotal point in their lives. But whether Margaret and Todd will be able to accept each other for who they are is another case entirely. SO HELP ME TODD airs this fall on Thursdays (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. s01e01 101 1.01 s1e1

[S1E1] Help Me

That scene, by the way, of the old man begging Dutton to help out his possible junkie son, plays out so similarly to the opening of "The Godfather" in which various supplicants are allowed to ask the Don for a favor on his daughter's wedding day, that it must be intentional. Already, the point is being made so that we, the viewer, understand. This is "Hud" meets "The Sopranos" meets "King Lear", a generational cowboy epic that also happens to encompass no small amount of crime as well.

Then we meet the Governor Perry (Wendy Moniz-Grillo), who in the early scenes helps to bat away a case of eminent domain that some developer was trying to raise against Dutton's ranch. They briefly discuss Jamie's political prospects, which Dutton dismisses out of hand, preferring the current arrangement, which has Jamie answerable to a "constituency of one," namely, John Dutton. As the governor leaves, she says they should "schedule a lunch" and lets her hand rest intimately on his chest, so we know that Dutton's in bed with the governor - literally, not metaphorically. Although maybe that too.

At this point, nearly half-way through the episode, you can't help but notice that the show is lavishing a lot less attention on Lee. He's the Dutton sibling the show is least interested about in it's premiere, and the reason why becomes apparent about a half-hour later.

While Jordan and Beth are hashing out their relationship, roommates Gabe (Davi Santos) and Billy (Austin Butler) are struggling to pay the rent. After their shift as dancers at Club Rapture -- hey, this place is pretty popular -- the pair hit up a private party in a hotel room with Billy's shady hookup partner Dan. Things quickly escalate when Dan catches Billy stealing money from his wallet and the two get into a scuffle that ends with Dan bleeding to death on the floor. After Billy flees from the scene, a terrified Gabe calls in special backup: his big sister Hannah (Dania Ramirez). Though the two - who are the show's stand-ins for Hansel and Gretel -- haven't spoken in months, she comes to his aid and helps Gabe cover his tracks before leaving the scene together. Either she watches a lot of crime shows are she's been in this situation before. Fess up, Hannah! 041b061a72


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